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  • I don't know if I can ever forget you. I've never had a movie take me through so many emotions, let alone a narrative. At one point I was crying for everything you had gone through, but to have been in love so deep, to have such a wonderful person helping you walk through your past... And then you broke my heart, your story just broke my heart.–Saim116, Reddit

  • Of all the stories on nosleep this one has scared be the most. Why? Because rather than a ghost, demon, nightmare, or that time you heard something in your bathroom this is raw and real. This is the kind of story that really makes me fearfull because this is kidnap. Something that could happen anytime and anywhere. My god this story is amazing and you are so amazing for being able to go into the depths of your mind and write the events of that horrible time in your life.–iamlegand188,Reddit

  • Wow this was awesome. Possibly the best-written piece I've seen on nosleep, at the very least in a long long time. I see this being written into a novel or a scary movie. Definitely very original.–Cloud111, Reddit